Author: Cortopia

February 13, 2020

The newest trailer for Down the Rabbit Hole highlights some of the gameplay elements that make exploring Wonderland in VR a magical experience.

  • Solve unique puzzles and uncover secrets to wander deeper into Wonderland
  • Meet and interact with many familiar Wonderland characters
  • Gather hidden collectibles throughout the game
  • Grab vines to move around in the world
  • Touch certain objects to cause special interactions
  • Choose your dialogue when talking to the inhabitants of Wonderland
  • Switch between characters to solve certain challenges
  • Experience Wonderland both from a third-person and first-person perspective

Down the Rabbit Hole will let you discover the wondrous world of Wonderland like it has never been experienced before. Prepare to enter the magical world and enjoy a totally unique VR adventure. The game launches March 26th 2020. Don’t forget to pre-order or add it to your wishlist!